If you’re sleeping, please don’t wake… I’ll surely find a way to get into your dreams. And if I’ll ever get into your dreams I want to let you know the things that words can’t explain. I want to let you know what I feel for you.
If you’re sleeping I’m happy because when people sleep they’re happy, people that sleep also dream and trust me, people shouldn’t fear the act of dreaming.
Do you know who isn’t afraid of dreaming? Kids.
Kids aren’t afraid of a lot of things, things that only grown up fear.

When the nights comes and we get comfy under our bed sheets our mind becomes like a child’s one, our fears mix with our desires, time goes on without any intervention by us, we get our problems out of our minds.

Smiling is the key to everything, smiling is the answer to the 99% of our problems, smiling is something you’re good at.

Thinking about there is a chance that you’re smiling in this exact moment, makes me the happiest man on earth.
If you’re smiling I’m at peace with the world.

Dream, dream as much as possible and forget about the fears of the grown-ups.

Good night my little big girl. ❤️

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